JVMTI and instrumentation

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Dec 3 14:49:56 UTC 2015

On 03/12/2015 12:42, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
> :
> Doing the individual steps, by building the patch, and then running
> with -javaagent and -Xpatch (tested with b86), I am currently able to
> get this running. I can mention that the project in question is JRebel,
> and with the above steps, I can successfully reload classes.
Good to hear you got it going and I hope you will be able to try things 
out and work with us as JVM TI evolves to work with module aware agents. 
I'm in two minds on -Xpatch as it feels more like implementation 
specific a JVM TI extension function rather than something for the 
standard API but that discussion is for later.

> :
> Also, a side note:
> My comments in the original mail regarding AddToBootstrapClassLoaderSearch
> not working as indended, seemed to stem from it being corrupted because
> I was changing the "sun.boot.class.path" property as well. A quick glance
> in the code made it look like it was an issue with an internal index that
> pointed to where in the boot class path new stuff should be appended to,
> but changing the property directly didn't update the index, so it got
> corrupted when both were called -- but since that property is no longer
> available that issue is kind of moot now. Although, I haven't tested or
> looking into if changing the "jdk.boot.class.path.append" property directly
> have the same corruption issues?
Just so I understand, are you changing the memory in the value returned 
by GetSystemProperty and not calling SetSystemProperty?


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