Fw: SWT_AWT bridge fails with IllegalAccessException in Java 1.9

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Tue Dec 8 09:47:59 UTC 2015

On 08/12/2015 08:13, Lakshmi P Shanmugam wrote:
> :
> I would like to request for the addition of the above internal APIs to the
> critical API list in JEP 260 so that are accessible for Java 1.9. Also,
> please provide replacement APIs for them in the future.
I think this needs someone with expertise in this area to comment, I 
hope Phil Race or Kevin Rushforth.

In particular, I think it needs direction as to whether a standard or 
JDK-specific make sense here and whether now is the time to try to 
define that. Maybe there have been discussion on this issue in the past.

Also it would be useful to understand whether exporting sun.awt.X11, 
sun.awt.windows, .. is even feasible.  I will guess that it would 
require major refactoring to move these packages out of java.desktop to 
the jdk.unsupported module. It would require everything else in these 
packages to move elsewhere. There is also the concern that it would 
result in a standard module (java.desktop) have a dependency on a 
JDK-specific module (jdk.unsupported).


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