Is there really a jdk.proxy1 module?

Remi Forax forax at
Tue Dec 8 15:14:04 UTC 2015

No cycle is a property checked at compile time not at runtime.
Having cycles at runtime is not a big deal, when have cyclic class dependencies since a long time now,
At compile time, it's problematic because it means that you have to compile both modules at the same time defeating the idea that a module is a sigle compilation unit.


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> Actually no, I've found that insted of accessing the proxy class
> directly I should just access the proxied annotation class and it works.
> Thanks anyway.
> Except now I have to add a read to scan annotations of another module,
> which naturally introduces a cycle. This can't be right. Suppose I've a
> Framework module "F" and an app "A" which reads "F" (since it works for
> that framework). Now when that framework scans annotations in "A" it
> can't use reflection to access them because it doesn't read "A"?
> Funny thing is I can add the read and it doesn't complain about cycles,
> not sure why.

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