Running module jar programatically

Stephane Epardaud stef at
Tue Dec 8 16:30:16 UTC 2015

Oh, OK thanks a lot. Will try that and let you know.

I feel I'm really close now :)

On 08/12/15 17:26, Alan Bateman wrote:
> Layer.boot().modules() will give you the set of jlr.Module objects for
> the module in the boot layer but that is probably not what you want.
> From your mail then it sounds like you've got a launcher module m1 and
> wants to load launch an application in another module m2. You'll find
> a jlr.Module for m1 and its transitive dependences in the boot layer
> but I assume not m2 because nobody requires it, is that right?
> You could use -addmods m2 for testing purposes to ensure that m2 is
> resolved (in addition to m1).
> But it does sounds like you need to create a Configuration to resolve
> me and then create a module Layer. Creating a Configurations requires
> specifying a ModuleFinder to find the modules. You probably don't want
> to have m2 on the application module path, it will instead of on the
> whatever module path option that your launcher takes.
> -Alan.

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