HAHA! It runs!

Stephane Epardaud stef at epardaud.fr
Tue Dec 8 19:37:51 UTC 2015

Thanks :)

TBH I would do the opposite and generate the module.xml from the
module-info.java if I could, but I can't since our code should compile
from Java 7 to Java 9, and module-info.java does not contain enough info
for us to generate module.xml and OSGi descriptors (lacks versions) :(

On 08/12/15 19:39, Paul Benedict wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 8, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Stephane Epardaud <stef at epardaud.fr
> <mailto:stef at epardaud.fr>> wrote:
>     Finally I was able to run my Ceylon modules in Java9!!
> Congrats Stephane!
>     [1] ATM I can compile them with Java 9 but not as modules, I generate
>     the module-info.class from the JBoss Modules descriptor. I can
>     generate
>     a module-info.java from it and then make javac compile them as
>     modules,
>     which I'll do in the future.
> I am happy to hear this too. I've been waiting for the first person to
> generate the module-info.java from their own source/configuration.
> This is what I suspect most build tools will be seeking to accomplish
> in the future -- but I just wasn't expecting the future to arrive so
> fast!
> Cheers,
> Paul

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