Java dependencies library

Jeff Hain jeffhain at
Sun Dec 13 16:24:16 UTC 2015


Few months ago I posted on this list about some jdeps/javac issues I found
while testing some Java dependencies library I was working on.
It's now available here:

Some writer said that people publish not when they are done
but when they are fed up.
I've been a bit fed up with this library, but I think I'm now also done with it,
thanks to recent requests on this list about a jdeps with an API, that gave me
the last bit of motivation I needed to complete unit tests and polish the code.

It's not designed as a replacement for jdeps, as I deliberately excluded
features that would tie it to particular JDK versions (such as internal
packages considerations), or are not purely related to code structure
(such as indicating archives files names).

In short, it allows to compute dependencies (elements depended on, or
depending) and their byte size, strongly connected components, and cycles,
in classes or packages dependencies graphs parsed from jars or class files,
either through API (Jadecy class, or DepUnit that makes use of it), or with
reduced features through command line (JadecyMain class).

For example, I use it mainly for two purposes:
- Keeping track of my code's dependencies health (no undesired cycle or
- Keeping track of the total conceptual weight of my code, roughly measured
  as the sum of its byte size plus the byte size of all of its dependencies.

I hope that the availability of such a library will make worshipers of the
cult flourish, and help Java code all over the world be cleaner and simpler,
hastening the overall technological advance and whatnot ;)


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