Warning: Cannot use jsr199 Javac from jrt-fs.jar"

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Oct 8 19:36:03 UTC 2015

On 08/10/2015 17:47, Keimpe Bronkhorst wrote:
> Jon,
> Users of JDeveloper want to be able to compile and run their code with
> any JDK on their filesystem, not just compile and run with the JDK
> JDeveloper is running on.
I'm curious about this. If JDeveloper is running on JDK 7 for example 
and someone configures it to use a JDK 8 then would you have attempted 
to load from the JDK 8 tools.jar in that case? As JDK 7 doesn't know 
anything about 52.0 class files then I assume not.

So maybe the loading from the target tools.jar was when the target JDK 
is the same or older than the version that the IDE is running? In that 
case I'm curious as to whether it can be made to use 
-source/-target/-Xbootclasspath instead of attempt to run the javac from 
the target JDK in the same VM. On JDK 9 then you have the wonderful new 
-release option to try too.


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