Warning: Cannot use jsr199 Javac from jrt-fs.jar"

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Fri Oct 9 09:04:12 UTC 2015

On 09/10/2015 09:27, Jayaprakash Arthanareeswaran wrote:
> :
>     At the moment, in Eclipse IDE, users can add any JRE to a
>     project's build path, regardless of the JRE that the IDE is
>     running on.
>     For e.g. users can have multiple installations/versions of JRE 8
>     in different projects and each of them will be considered a
>     different platform
>     library because they are coming from different path/location. Same
>     goes for multiple versions of JRE 9. And all this while running on
>     a JRE 7
>     or JRE 8 or a different installation of JRE 9 for e.g.
>     This basically means that, (with our current framework) we are
>     going to be able to read classes (code) from a given .jimage
>     location/path or java.home.
>     We would like to keep it that way, if possible. I remember seeing
>     your response [1] to one of the questions earlier but not sure if
>     that is meant to work for JRE 7.
>     I did a quick search and this one [2] looks relevant too.
As things currently stand then the IDE can run on JDK 8 and load the jrt 
file system provider from the target JDK 9. It's also possible to run on 
JDK 9 and access the classes/resources in that run-time image.

JDK-8066177 will make it possible to run on JDK 9 and access the 
classes/resources in another JDK 9 or JDK 10 build. It's not there yet 
but is on the list. Previous prototypes on this ran into issues with 
shadowing of lambda proxy classes that need further investigation There 
is also a bit of refactoring needed to take account of work in JEP 260. 
So I can't say when all this will be in JDK 9, we know of course that 
this is important.

Note that JDK 7 is not in this picture, this project is not planning to 
include a jrt-fs.jar in JDK 9 builds that is usable by JDK 7.


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