Compilation feedback and version question

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at
Wed Oct 28 18:57:30 UTC 2015

I can confirm that the current EA build
1.9.0-ea-jigsaw-nightly-h3660-20151022-b86 allowed a successful build
using maven (with tests) of the OpenGamma test case, which is a step
forward from when I last tried it.

When running "java -listmods" I get outpuy including this:

java.base at 9.0
java.compact1 at 9.0
java.compact2 at 9.0
java.compact3 at 9.0
java.compiler at 9.0
java.corba at 9.0

But when I look at the JDK source file:
It does not contain the version number "9.0".

Where is the version coming from? It is weird to see the version
number so closely associated with the module in -listmods when so much
of the mood music of the current Jigsaw work is that the version is
"not our problem guv".


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