Compilation feedback and version question

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Oct 29 13:18:41 UTC 2015

On 29/10/2015 11:25, Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> :
> So, after about an hour yesterday, I did try that and it still didn't
> work. That must have been because jmod doesn't work fully. I've tried
> it now, and with -addmods it does find the modular jar file.
> However, my feedback is that the -listmods option is confusing. An
> option called "list" is something I expect to list all things, not to
> be clever and only show some subset. At the very least, I consider it
> vital for there to be a tool (preferably java.exe) that can list *all*
> available modules given a module path. Maybe the current -listmods
> should be renamed to -applicationmods or -initialmods, or split to
> -listmods:app and -listmods:all ?  (Being able to list everything
> available feels like module 101).
The sub-option on -listmods is used to look at specific modules but fair 
point, the expectation may be that it scans the application module path 
and lists all modules that are found when what it actually does is list 
the modules in the boot layer. One other usage that that should work for 
you is to add it to your launch command that uses -m.

> :
> Bear in mind that the help/usage text of the jar.exe tool has not been
> updated. As such, jmod.exe looks like its the only thing capable of
> working with modules.
The jar tool is significantly enhancement to support modules so check 
out jar --help as Chris suggests.


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