JOSM feedback on Java 7,8,9, including Jigsaw EA

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Sat Oct 31 10:47:31 UTC 2015

On 30/10/2015 15:29, Vincent Privat wrote:
> :
> - Some issues didn't make it to the public JIRA and remained in the 
> private bug database. Can we please have more information on them (why 
> have they apparently been rejected)? The incident numbers 
> are JI-9009025, JI-9010791, JI-9009449, JI-9008003.

Incidents submitted via have historically been hit or miss. 
I don't know why these four were not moved to the JDK bug database, but 
here they are now:

JI-9009025 =>

JI-9010791 =>

JI-9009449 =>

JI-9008003 =>

The OpenJDK mailing lists aren't a support channel but reproducible test 
cases are a wonderful way to contribute. So if you have test cases or 
patches that can be added to these bugs for the issues that are in 
OpenJDK then it's best to follow-up on the appropriate mailing list 
(likely awt-dev or swing-dev for some of these).

> :
> Finally:
> - We had a terrible experience when trying to report a bug against 
> JAXP. We detected a severe data corruption problem in StaX when 
> dealing with Unicode SMP characters, so we reported it, including a 
> sample Java program 100% reproducible, in January 2013 (JAXP-76 on 
> <> JIRA). As no activity was visible on this 
> JIRA instance, we tried to use the standard Java bug report, three 
> times, without success, with incident numbers 2431783 
> (2013-01-23), 2627098 (2013-10-28) and 9048481 (2014-11-28), without 
> any answer. On 2014, November 29th we discovered by chance that the 
> bug had finally been detected and fixed internally, as JDK-8058175 
> (created and resolved in September 2014). We reported back to the 
> public JAXP JIRA instance, again without any answer. 6 months later we 
> finally got the ironic and laconic answer "Please report issues to the 
> OpenJDK Bug System", which was exactly was we were trying to do for 2 
> years! Can you please tell us why our bug reports were all silently 
> ignored while the bug was real, and if is it still worth reporting 
> bugs against JAXP? Thankfully we had far better experiences with other 
> components of the JDK.
JAXP development moved from the project to OpenJDK in 
early 2012. The project main page should be clearer on this point. I 
wasn't aware there was a JIRA instance but it probably should be shut 
down to avoid confusion.

In any case, here is the mapping:

2431783 =>

2627098 => this one is on the old Sun web incident reporting system, I 
don't know how to move it to JIRA but it seems to be a dup of 
JDK-8141097 or JDK-8058175.

JI-9048481 =>

As you note, JDK-8058175 has been fixed in JDK 9 builds for some time 
(since jdk9-b31). If you can verify the fix with the JDK 9 builds then 
you could lobby on jdk8u-dev to have it back-ported to 8u.


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