OpenJDK + OpenJFX post-jigsaw

Chris Newland cnewland at
Tue Sep 1 10:40:18 UTC 2015


Following a discussion I had on the OpenJFX mailing list [1] I'd like to
understand what path there might be for supporting the addition of OpenJFX
to a post-jigsaw OpenJDK deployment.

Currently (JDK8) the easiest way to create an OpenJDK+OpenJFX deployment
of Java and JavaFX is to use the "overlay" mechanism. This is provided by
the "openZip" gradle task in OpenJFX and creates a zip file that can be
unpacked on top of an existing OpenJDK installation (self-built or Azul's
Zulu OpenJDK).

This relies upon a pre-jigsaw "jre" layout and I've filed a bug [2] as
suggested by Kevin Rushforth to act as a reminder that this won't work
with JDK9.

It seems likely that OpenJFX will be neither modularised nor integrated
into the OpenJDK repos in time for JDK9 so I'm looking for guidance on
what the recommended mechanism will be for combining the two?

Many thanks,




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