Reading bootstrap class bytecode from Java 7

Sundararajan Athijegannathan sundararajan.athijegannathan at
Mon Dec 5 04:16:18 UTC 2016

Hi, clearly states this:

"For tools that support the development of code for JDK 9 but which
themselves run on JDK 8, a copy of this filesystem provider suitable for
use on JDK 8 will be placed in the root directory of JDK 9 run-time
images, in a file named |jrt-fs.jar|."

jrt-fs.jar in jdk9 is not meant to be used with jdk 7. You've to migrate
your tool/application to JDK 8 to use jrt provider from JDK 9.


On 12/5/2016 9:39 AM, Ess Kay wrote:
> I am working on a utility currently running on Java 7 which will need to be
> able process Java 9 classes and read the Java 9 bootstrap class bytecode
> (e.g. java.lang.Object).
> Is there a stable, "official" way to read the Java 9 bytecode from Java 7
> where there is no "jrt" provider?  Also, is there a stable, "official" way
> in which the user can specify the location of the Java 9 modules? Obviously
> "java.home" will point to the Java 8.
> - Svet

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