Any word on the updated spec

Jayaprakash Artanareeswaran jay.a at
Wed Sep 7 14:50:54 UTC 2016

Hello experts,

Now that JDK 9 is feature complete, I was wondering if 
the JSR 376 has been updated recently. Specifically, I am interested in 
many of the useful information found in the "State of the Module", such 
as module graph. Now I understand that the SOTM is an informal document,
 so I assume that this would naturally find a place in one of the formal
 documents. Please shed some light on this.


As a tool provider, we (Eclipse team) are also hoping 
that formal specification on some other things such as "restricted 
keywords, JMOD would soon be available, if not already. Some information
 on these would also be highly appreciated.



P.S: I already sent this earlier but the mails get filtered out for unknown reasons, so sending from a different mail account.

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