Any word on the updated spec

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Sep 7 15:59:37 UTC 2016

2016/9/7 7:50:54 -0700, Jayaprakash Artanareeswaran <jay.a at>:
> Now that JDK 9 is feature complete, I was wondering if 
> the JSR 376 has been updated recently. Specifically, I am interested in 
> many of the useful information found in the "State of the Module", such 
> as module graph. Now I understand that the SOTM is an informal document,
> so I assume that this would naturally find a place in one of the formal
> documents. Please shed some light on this.

We're still working through quite a number of open issues so please
stay tuned for updates, both formal and informal.

- Mark

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