#VersionsInModuleNames too restrictive (cuts of too much)

Martin Lehmann martin.lehmann at gmx.de
Mon Sep 26 17:19:36 UTC 2016

Hi all,

the new #VersionsInModuleNames seems to be active in JDK9 b136 already.
Switching to b136 breaks the build in one of our examples of our Java9
Jigsaw example suite, cf Github:

In this example we are using the automatic module which is taken from the
JAR file slf4j-jdk14-1.7.12.jar . This JAR had been taken from Maven
central, cf

Its Maven POM file says:

Unfortunately, the version name which is automatically detected and taken
from the Jigsaw module name is "14-1.7.21".

So instead of calling the main class (as done with b127 ff) as follows:
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java --module-path mlib:amlib --add-modules slf4j.jdk14 -m
we now have to run the thing with:
$JAVA_HOME/bin/java --module-path mlib:amlib --add-modules slf4j.jdk -m

This seems like an implementation bug by cutting off too much of the suffix

Please fix the implementation and also please consider to skip this feature
completely: Frankly, the whole idea of trying to smart detecting and
removals of version strings feels totally wrong to me. I understand the
concerns not to let version numbering slip into module names. But this
should not be done via some magic implementation but via good arguments ,
use case examples, patterns, good namin conventions. Note: If someone really
wants to put in his/her versions into the module names, he/she always will
find a way (like by using the number in the middle or as a prefix or ...).
How could you really prevent that (and why would you)?.

Thanks in advance,

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