Alternative mechanism for reflective access control (#ReflectiveAccessToNonExportedTypes / #AwkwardStrongEncapsulation)

Remi Forax forax at
Thu Sep 29 09:29:48 UTC 2016

This bug only talk about the callee side, i.e. accessing to a non accessible class by a framework.
The other part, the caller side, is to have a way to emit a call that send the caller lookup to a framework,
the easy way to do that is to have javac to emit an invokedynamic instead of an invokeinterface/invokevirtual
after having verified that everything is typechecked.

As Paul said in the bug comment section, it will also allow to retrofit old API like the atomic reference field updaters to use VarHandles. 


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> On 28/09/2016 13:22, Andrew Dinn wrote:
>> :
>> I'd be happy to try to conduct such an experiment. Can you provide links
>> to the relevant JIRAs.
> The javadoc for MethodsHandes.Lookup is probably the best place to
> start, assuming you haven't used it before. This has a good section to
> explain how access checking differs to core reflection.
> JDK-8162494 [1] is one issue where John has a write-up with some straw
> man designs. I suspect it will require working through a few specific
> examples to get a feel for what is the right direction.
> -Alan
> [1]

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