delegating module access

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Thu Sep 29 16:06:26 UTC 2016


Building on the idea presented here (the part that talks about method 

...which tries to solve the problem that some modules have when they 
don't know in advance the name of the module(s) to which to export its 
packages for reflective access and they just want to export them to the 
selected module(s) - i.e. use qualified exports.

The canonical example here is an application module, say "app", that is 
coded against an API module, say "javax.persistence" which just defines 
the API, but at link or assembly time, the module that implements such 
API, say "hibernate-core" is added which needs access to "app" classes 
using reflection.

The API module ("javax.persistence" in this case) usually also contains 
a bootstrap (factory) class, which is responsible to bootstrap the API 
and bind it to the implementation. In case of javax.persistence it is 
javax.persistence.Persistence class with a static 
createEntityManagerFactory method, which finds and instantiates an 
EntityManagerFactory implementation. This point is an opportunity for 
javax.persistence module to delegate its permissions to access classes 
in other modules to the module of the implementation class:

     public static EntityManagerFactory 
createEntityManagerFactory(String persistenceUnitName, Map properties) {

         Class<? extends EntityManagerFactory> emfClass = ...;


         EntityManagerFactory emf = emfClass.newInstance();

         return emf;

So for example, app module could export its entity package(s) to 
javax.persistence module only:

module app {
     requires javax.persistence;
     exports private app.entity to javax.persistence;

And the ability to access this package would be transferred to the 
implementation module by the javax.persistence module. The 
implementation module is in fact just an extension of the API module and 
the API delegates to it or is extended by it.

java.lang.Module instance method:

public void delegateAccessTo(Module module) { ... }

...would be similar to addExports or addReads. It would only be possible 
to call it from 'this' module (i.e. a module could only delegate access 
given to it - not access given to any other module).

When SecurityManager is present, then there would additionally have to 
be a permission assigned to codesource of javax.persistence.Persistence 
class for it to carry on the delegation.

I think this is safe and sound, and most importantly, self-managing.

What do you think?

Regards, Peter

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