Separate logging for JPMS module/layer

Ralph Goers rgoers at
Wed Oct 3 19:05:46 UTC 2018

I will take a look and see what tests we have.


> On Oct 3, 2018, at 10:38 AM, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at> wrote:
> On 03/10/2018 17:26, Ralph Goers wrote:
>> Log4j handles this by capturing the fully qualified class name of the logging adapter. Obviously, this doesn’t work if the adapter doesn’t pass Log4j the FQCN, but it does work for the adapters we support.  That said, it is very slow to capture this and is probably the biggest pain point. Log4j recommends not capturing this information in production environments because it is so slow. Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten even slower in Java 9+.
> Would it be possible to create a small test case to demonstrate the performance regression that you are seeing? The StackWalker API was added in Java SE 9 so I can't tell if you are comparing that to sun.reflect.Reflection::getCallerClass or something else.
> -Alan

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