module readability and exceptions in api

Jochen Theodorou blackdrag at
Thu Oct 11 23:44:57 UTC 2018

On 11.10.2018 19:57, Michał Zegan wrote:
> W dniu 11.10.2018 o 19:03, Jochen Theodorou pisze:
>> On 10.10.2018 22:09, Michał Zegan wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Oh when we are at it, a bit offtopic, can bytecode generation be
>>> replaced with method handle usage, or method handles are still not fast
>>> enough... or whatever?
>> In my experience they are fast enough in many, if not most cases. But if
>> you cannot do with constant handles and have to create them at runtime,
>> then the creation cost is killing your performance.
> But they are made mostly for that, fast method calls where you don't
> constantly have to create new handles? What about caching? Like
> performance of putting such a handle in, say, a map or ... well whatever
> more complicated than purely static usage of them...

Not sure I get your question. They are made for fast method calls, yes. 
Does not mean they are cheap to create in the first place. You can even 
build a PIC of definable length by combining multiple handles together 
in a guardWithTest - manner and get pretty good peak performance.

If your performance characteristics are that you run large amounts of 
calls only once and you do not know the handles in advance, then you 
have a problem, depending on what you compare with.

But can runtime bytecode generation still work in times of jigsaw modules?

bye Jochen

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