Review request: JMC-6072: Incorrect artifactId for snapshot build

Guru guru.hb at
Mon Aug 13 13:10:29 UTC 2018

Hi All,

Please review the fix for : <> 
webrev : <> 
RC and solution is updated in JBS.

With this fix the core artifactID will be with group id : “org.openjdk.jmc” (as it was earlier) and artifactId (from maven point of view and Bundle-SymbolicName from Tyco point of view) name will be 
artifactId(old)  —— artifactdId(new)
org.openjdk.jmc.common (old) — jmc.common
org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder (old) — jmc.flightrecorder 
org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.rules (old) — jmc.flightrecorder.rules
org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.rules.jdk (old) — jmc.common.flightrecorder.rules.jdk

For naming convention Please update your views on <> 


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