[PATCH] JMC-6116 Make Applications page context menu consistent with threads page

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at oracle.com
Wed Aug 15 17:53:40 UTC 2018

Hi Josh,

Sounds good, though I think it would be good to have the context menu present on the legend as well, allowing the old behaviour to still be supported as well. 

I can sponsor this one.

Kind regards,

On 2018-08-15, 19:48, "jmc-dev on behalf of Joshua Matsuoka" <jmc-dev-bounces at openjdk.java.net on behalf of jmatsuok at redhat.com> wrote:

    Currently on the Java Applications page the context menu for editing the
    thread activity lanes is only present over the chart legend, rather than
    over the chart/lane itself. This is inconsistent with the context menu of
    the Threads page. This patch moves the context menu to the chart instead,
    making it consistent with the other usage of thread activity lanes. I've
    also added the edit thread lanes action to the form toolbar, again for
    - Josh

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