JMC-5502: Add support for ClassDefine and ClassLoaderStatistics events to the Class Loading page

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Mon Aug 27 17:36:18 UTC 2018

Hi Josh!

Excellent! The Class Defining and Class Unloader events you probably want to 
read as a log - I think it would be nice to have the timestamps to the left 
and sort in ascending order. The Class Defining and Class Unloading tables you 
probably want to listen for selections in the table above. 

Probably want to move the ClassLoader statistics table. It is the only table
that will not be naturally filtered as a consequence from the table above.
We probably also want to move the columns about a bit and select what to 
sort on by default (perhaps class count or block size in descending order).
We can discuss where to move the table and how to change the column order on 
the IRC. 

Kind regards,

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