SV: SV: JMC-5596: Rule to detect if there has been a Full GC with G1 or CMS

Andrew Azores aazores at
Wed Dec 12 20:30:51 UTC 2018

Hi Marcus,

On 2018-12-12 7:43 a.m., Marcus Hirt wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> There are, sadly, no official guidelines for adding recordings.
> That said, try to:
> 1. Keep the recording small, e.g. make the recording as short as possible,
>     use a template where some unrelated events are disabled (take care,
>     some events are more or less expected, e.g. Flight Recorder meta events).
> 2. Look through the data to ensure it doesn't contain something you don't want
>     to share. For example, it's all too easy to get a password or password hash
>     in the environment variable or system property events.
> Kind regards,
> Marcus
Thanks for the tips. I have attached another updated patch. This one now 
includes two flight recordings, exercising the "Full GCs occurred" paths 
for the rule for both G1 and CMS scenarios, as well as an updated test 
baseline for the expected result reports for these recordings. I 
disabled nearly all event types and ran the recording for as little time 
as I was easily able to get the reproducer applet I had prepared to 
produce full collections. If the recordings are still too large then I'm 
sure I can make my applet hungrier for memory and get the desired events 
to occur even sooner, which should cut down on the total number of 
events in the recording.

Andrew Azores
Software Engineer, OpenJDK Team
Red Hat
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