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Fri Dec 14 16:55:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

This is a list of issues that I have come across while updating the docs.
Please let me know the best way to handle them. Regarding Broken Links it
would be good to know whether to delete it or whether we'd like that page
to exist. I've attached the patch with changes I've made thus far so feel
free to comment on any changes I've made to the docs if any of them aren't

Also if there's any questions that are received often that you would like
added to the FAQs I can do that as well.


Ken Dobson

1. There is no doc for the Live Objects, should this be added?

2.* Accessibility in JDK Mission Control -> Accessibility Known Issues and
- Unsure about when this document was written so these issues may no longer
exist but there may be new ones

3.* About the JMX Console->Using the JMX Console->Working with Graphs*
-The paragraphs near the beginning regarding converting graphs to a table
to make them compatible with screen readers should probably be moved/copied
to the Accessibility Issues and Workarounds page to make it easier to find

4. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings->Working with the
Outline->Using the Java Application Page*
-It appears we're able to modify the Method Profiling Rule in the Java
Application Page configuration as well as the Method Profiling Page
configuration. I think it should only exist in the Profiling configuration
and we should remove it from the Java Application configuration as it
doesn't really belong there given it has it's own page. Please let me know
what you think about this.

5. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings->Working with the
Outline->Using the JVM Internals Page -> Using the GC Configuration Page*
-I've added definitions for a few of the terms that were missing them in
the patch below however I'm unable to find a clear definition for TLAB
Refill Waste Limit so if someone could send one to me so I could add it
that would be great thanks.

6. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings->Working with the
Outline->Using the JVM Internals Page -> Using the Compilations Page*
-The Compilations ID is not currently enabled by default for the
Compilations tab however it is for Failed Compilations. Generally the
values defined in the docs have been those that are enabled by default so
should it be enabled? This also leads to the question of should we also be
defining values that aren't enabled by default?

7. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings->Working with the
Outline->Using the JVM Internals Page -> Using the Code Cache Page*
-Looking for a definition for Sweep Fraction Index

8. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings->Working with the
-There doesn't seem to be any reason to keep the Group Stacktraces From
option that is accessible from the View Menu icon as the options for
Grouping Stacktraces is available on the toolbar. I propose that we remove
it from the menu. The same applies to the Layout Options as showing as a
tree is already available from the toolbar.

9. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin -> Frequently Asked Questions*
-"Ensure that you are using the same version of the JVM that you want to
monitor as is being used by the JVM running the JMC client." This is no
longer true correct? I can run JMC on JDK 8 as long as the JVM I'd like to
record is JDK11 and up.
-I've removed the lines referring to using JAVA_HOME/bin/jmc to start JMC,
is there anything we should replace this with?

Broken Links:

10. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin*
This page states "For more information about enabling JFR, see *Enabling
Flight Recorder*". *Enabling Flight Recorder* isn't a link but is clearly
referring to a page, which in this case doesn't exist. It seems there
shouldn't be any special steps to enabling JFR as it's available by default
in JDK11 but there may be steps required for those that use the OracleJDK
that I am unaware of. Should we create this page or remove this sentence?

 11. *About the JVM Browser -> JDK Mission Control Communications*
-*The Monitoring and Management using JMX Technology* hyperlink at the page
is broken, it attempts to link to a JMC Help page that does not exist

 12. *About the JMX Console->Using the JMX Console->Customizing JMX Console
Settings->JMX Data Persistence Settings / About the JMX Console->Using the
JMX Console->Using the Overview Tab->Graphs*
-The *Working with Attributes* hyperlink is broken, topic not found. Links
to an "unresolvable-reference.htm"
-*Working with Attributes *is also referenced in *Using the Thread Tab*
however is unlinked there.

13. *Using the Flight Recorder Plugin->Viewing Recordings*
-References a *Flight Recorder Tab Reference* but is unlinked. I think we
can comfortably remove this as all the tab help pages are nested underneath
the *Viewing Recordings *page.

14. *About the JVM Browser -> Adding a Custom JVM Connection*
*-**Storing Credentials in Settings File *is unlinked but refers to some
page that doesn't exist.
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