Java Mission Control Author request for: Ken Dobson

Mario Torre neugens at
Thu Dec 20 16:46:13 UTC 2018

I would like to propose Ken Dobson <kdobson at> as author for
Java Mission Control. Ken has been active on the JMC project helping
out with various fixes, triaging some of the bugs in the issue tracker
and participating in the general discussions about the project. Here
is a list of Ken's contributions so far:

Thread Activity Context Menu Leaking

Improving the output of the Duplicate Flags Rule

Important Column not shown by default in Diagnostic Commands

HighGCRule should report extra needed event types

Allowing multiple HPROF dumps rather than throwing an error if
triggered multiple times, (duplicate of JMC-6100)

Fixed ugly values on the Y-axis when there are no events

Can't resolve event type names without Recording Settings event

Fixed logging to file for the standalone eclipse

Plus the following under review
Updating Documentation:


Mario Torre
Associate Manager, Software Engineering
Red Hat GmbH <>
9704 A60C B4BE A8B8 0F30  9205 5D7E 4952 3F65 7898

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