Review request for re-opened 6050: test failure.

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Mon Jul 2 16:03:58 UTC 2018

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reviews! I'll go ahead and check this in with the suggested change.

Kind regards,

On 2018-07-02, 17:14, "Jayathirth D V" <jayathirth.d.v at> wrote:

    Hi Marcus,
    Please find my observation:
    When I ran unit tests with latest code from I saw “org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.rules.jdk.test” failing in the morning.
    After applying your changes there are no unit test failures.
    Also I see that the newly added RulesToolkit.isMoreAvailableThan() is not used and we are using only RulesToolkit.isLessAvailableThan() in RulesToolkit. getLeastAvailable().
    We can remove RulesToolkit.isMoreAvailableThan() function and clarify @return Java documentation comment of  RulesToolkit.isLessAvailableThan() with " true if this EventAvailability is less available than the provided one, else return false"
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    Subject: Review request for re-opened 6050: test failure.
    Hi all,
    I re-opened JMC-6050 since a related test had not been fixed. I also cleaned up a little bit. Would appreciate a review:
    Things that would be good to do at a later point:
    Rename EventAvailability.NONE (perhaps to EventAvailability.UNAVAILABLE, but that may be too confusing for historical reasons).
    Consider switching NONE and DISABLED’s availability score (care must be taken so that current code does not rely on the current ordering).
    (The whole RulesToolkit class could benefit from some cleanup and optimization.)
    Kind regards,

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