[PATCH] Fix JMC-5398

Joshua Matsuoka jmatsuok at redhat.com
Thu Jul 19 21:39:22 UTC 2018


The following patch fixes JMC-5398 [1]. The bug was twofold, first when
attempting to attach to a JVM that was either busy or suspended JMC would
hang, and second upon restarting the JVM browser would not list any JVMs.

This patch adds a timeout to the problematic calls. This ensures that
during JVM discovery problematic JVMs are skipped when attaching times out,
keeping the JVM browser functioning properly, as well as ensuring that we
don't hang when attempting to open the JMX console or start a flight
recording for a problematic JVM.

The timeout is currently 5 seconds but can easily be changed if this is too




- Josh
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