JMC 7.0 Release Meeting

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Thu Nov 1 21:58:13 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Now that Code One has come and gone, it is time to start finish up the JMC 7
project. The IDC (Oracle India) team members are currently hard at work running
through the ATR (all tests run), and the second ramp-down phase starts in less
than a month (2018-11-28). This meeting is to discuss what is left to do, and 
how we best achieve our goal of releasing the 30th of January.

Subject:	JMC 7.0 Release Meeting
Location: Zoom (e-mail me for an invite)
Date:  2018-11-07 (Wednesday, next week)
Time:  09:00-10:00 PDT
       12:00-13:00 EDT
       18:00-19:00 CET
       21:30-22:30 IST
       01:00-02:00 JST (2018-11-08)

Kind regards,

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