JMC-6118 Java Mission Control tests fail on OpenJDK8

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Mon Nov 5 19:50:14 UTC 2018

Hi Josh,

Looks fine! That said, we should make JDK 11 the default for running the 
UI-tests as soon as we can. There is a high risk of bugs slipping through in 
the most important parts of JMC if only tested on OpenJDK 8.

Kind regards,

On 2018-11-05, 20:29, "jmc-dev on behalf of Joshua Matsuoka" <jmc-dev-bounces at on behalf of jmatsuok at> wrote:

    The following patch adds four additional tests to the list of excluded
    tests on OpenJDK8:
    ControlRecordingsTest - Attempts to perform various operations on a
    recording from the JVM Browser, fails since we don't have flight recorder
    functionality in OpenJDK8
    JfrWizardTest - Attempts to test various options in the JFR Recording
    wizard. The wizard is started from the JVM Browser, so it fails for the
    same reasons as the previous test.
    TemplateManagerTest - Requires the JVM Browser to have JFR functionality,
    same as above.
    DiagnosticCommandsTabTest - Expects JFR diagnostic commands to be present
    in the list of options. They aren't there for OpenJDK8.
    This allows mvn clean verify -P uitests to be run successfully on OpenJDK8.
    - Josh

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