Previously Completed JIRA Tickets

Ken Dobson kdobson at
Tue Nov 27 17:11:33 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I've created a list of bugs that most likely have been solved so that they
can be resolved on JIRA. Please let me know if there was any issues with
how I attempted to replicate.
1. Select OldObjectSample in Event Browser
2. Objects that are not in an array display an Array Size of -1 rather than

EventAppearance class no longer exists in flightrecorder.configuration

1. Added a Custom Event to a JVM and opened the Recording Wizard
2. Selected my custom event and the Enabled checkbox was not visually
selected and did not record when started unless selected

   I'm not sure about this one as I'm unable to create large recordings on
my machine, a few hundred megabytes max so I haven't noticed any
significant lag. However it appears a large portion of the data is
persisted after the page is loaded for the first time so I'm wondering if
this is mostly an issue if you try to switch between a number of pages that
have yet to be loaded.
     As well the Outline tab only updates the highlighted selection to the
last selection which seems to indicates the load is being aborted at some
point. An example to make this more clear would be if we select Thread ->
Memory -> File I/O -> Socket I/O very quickly we'll only see Threads
initially highlighted then Socket I/O will load and be highlighted,
skipping over B and C.
    Any more information regarding this one would be great thanks.

     Again not sure about this one as I'm not aware of what
FilterMatcher.regexpMatch() looked like at the time this bug was opened as
there is no history as a result of the move to the OpenJDK. That being said
it caches the most recently compiled Pattern as a class variable and only
compiles a new Pattern if it doesn't equal the filterString.
     This to me sounds like some changes were made since the ticket refers
to a new pattern being compiled each time it's called. If someone could
clarify this that would be great.


Ken Dobson

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