Review request : JMC-6136 : Test compilation fails

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Thu Sep 6 23:45:17 UTC 2018

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From: Guru <guru.hb at>
Date: Friday, 7 September 2018 at 01:43
To: <jmc-dev at>, Marcus Hirt <marcus.hirt at>
Subject: Review request : JMC-6136 : Test compilation fails




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Root cause : Fix for JMC-6108 caused org.openjdk.jmc.common.test (+ other 3 test modules) not accesible by application's test module.

Background : Core test module uses 'maven-surfire-plugin' (Pure Maven) and tycho (Rest of the core modules) uses 'tycho-surfire-plugin'.

maven-surfire-plugin follows maven standard conventions and all the test class will be bundled to <artifactID>-tests.jar. where as 'tycho-surfire-plugin' is little alien to consume the maven-surfire-plugin generated test modules even though we specify '<scope>test</scope>' in the POM file. On the other hand 'tycho-surfire-plugin' won't differentiate between test and Non-test bundle. 


Solution : While building core-test modules append compiled test class to 'target/classes' (default will be "target/test-classes").


This will fix JMC-6132 as well. 


INFO : (tycho-surefire-plugin and maven-surefire-plugin do not co-exist)


Tested on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.




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