On the subject of releases (and can we please call 7.0 done and move forward?)

Mario Torre neugens at redhat.com
Thu Apr 11 11:36:38 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I have a small (but important) issue that we should address and solve.

Initially, we discussed the release schedule for Mission Control to
something following more or less the releases of OpenJDKs, in
particular we had the idea to release JMC 7 for OpenJDK 11, 7.1 for
OpenJDK 12 etc.. with some alignment to what is being considered LTS
(although technically upstream OpenJDK doesn't really make such
distrinction) that makes the jump to a major version.

Now, this is mostly because of convenience, since some people tend to
rely on numbers to see what is what, in the world of JMC releases are
really very compatible with the underlying version of the JDK so if we
decide to alter this schema and do something else I'm happy either way.

The one problem however (that is the part were I'm less happy!) is that
we're still waiting for a 7.0 release, despite having forked jmc7
months ago and having the repository basically in minor maintainance

I think we should release a source drop now and obsolete the 7.0 fork
and call it done, and if we're still aiming at sync with OpenJDK, have
a 7.2 fork repository (we can skip 7.1 I guess?) as soon as possible so
we can match the OpenJDK 13 release while mainline continues to be
handled without major interruptions.

I think binary downstream releases should be handled like any other
downstream release of OpenJDK rather than block (wheter directly or
indirectly) the upstream releases, so in other world, we should be able
to independently close a line of development and make a release
whenever we're done.

Can we have our 7.0 now? :)


Mario Torre
Associate Manager, Software Engineering
Red Hat GmbH <https://www.redhat.com>
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