Building JMC with OpenJDK

Langer, Christoph christoph.langer at
Thu Jan 24 10:10:03 UTC 2019

Hi Marcus,

I’m currently doing my first steps with JMC development.

So, I was following your blog [1] to build it. Thanks for this great piece of information! In general, it worked for me. ��

However, there was one thing where I had to do some guessing. You mention, one needs Java 8. But, as of the build, you’d probably need to be more concrete and mention that one needs an Oracle JDK 8. Because, if you do the build with OpenJDK, you get errors:

org.openjdk.jmc.javafx.osgi ........................ FAILURE

It seems that there are some dependencies to javafx, that only the Oracle JDK can satisfy:

[ERROR] import javafx.application.Platform;
[ERROR] ^^^^^^

I also had to use the option -Dspotbugs.skip=true, but I guess this is because of [2]. I’m going to verify this.

So, as for the JDK to use: Are there plans to get rid of the dependency to javafx from the JDK? E.g. use OpenJFX?

Thanks and best regards,


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