Building JMC with OpenJDK

Marcus Hirt marcus.hirt at
Thu Jan 24 11:11:42 UTC 2019

Hi Christoph,

No, OpenJDK 11 will not work yet. We will have to look into OpenJDK 8.

Kind regards,

On 2019-01-24, 12:04, "Langer, Christoph" <christoph.langer at> wrote:

    Hi Marcus,
    thanks for the quick reply.
    The fix for by Alex Mcdonald works for me.
    > JMC should be buildable with OpenJDK 8, and yes, we’ve recently switched to
    > OpenJFX and therefore now require JDK 10 or above for plug-ins requiring JavaFX.
    This one I can't confirm. For me, it only works with the Oracle JDK 8. With my OpenJDK 8 the build shows these javafx dependency errors.
    > Are you pulling the source from the hg repo or the git mirror? If git, know
    > that it lags the mercurial repo.
    I'm using this mercurial repo:
    So, should I be able to build with OpenJDK11 (as opposed to the documentation that explicitly says it should be JDK 8)?

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