RFR: JMC-6211: Restore Defaults button doesn't revert username and password in Preferences

Elliott Baron ebaron at redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 23:07:21 UTC 2019


This patch fixes the JMX Console->Communication preference page to 
properly restore the username and password fields to their (blank) 
defaults when the user selects "Restore Defaults".

I added a UI test to ensure Restore Defaults works as expected for the 
Communication page as a whole. I created a new test class since there 
didn't seem to be an existing one that was a good fit. I had to add a 
getText method to MCDialog to get the text entered into the fields in 
the preference page. There are new x-friends directives for 
org.openjdk.jmc.rjmx.preferences and 
org.openjdk.jmc.console.ui.messages.internal to expose some constants 
used by the test.

The copyright header for the new test class may need some adjusting. Are 
we updating copyright year for source files, and should we name the 
author/author's employer in the copyright header for new source files 
originating outside of Oracle?

How does the patch look?

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