JMC 7.0.0 final testing.

Evgeniia Stepanova evgeniia at
Mon Jun 3 07:09:34 UTC 2019

Hi Marcus!
Sorry for the delay.

Azul have tested latest jmc changes, no critical issues found.  Tested on Win10, MacOS Sierra and Ubuntu18. Also we've tested JVM connections to the following platforms and runtimes: Solaris10 x86 (zulu8), Solaris11 x86 (zulu11), Solaris10 SPARC (zulu8), AlpineMusl (zulu8), Win64 (zulu8x32), Lunux64 (zing11), Lunux64 (zulu11), MacOS (openjdk11). Everything looks good.

Thank you very much,

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> Hi all,
> The last changes just went into JMC 7 and final testing is now underway.
> Unless something unexpected pops up, what is currently in the jmc7 repo (at
> changeset 128:9871e02a9e40) is what will be tagged as 7.0.0-ga for the JMC
> 7.0.0 source release.
> Kind regards,
> Marcus

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