Cannot build JMC

Simone Bordet simone.bordet at
Mon Jun 3 17:10:34 UTC 2019


On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 1:46 PM Henrik Dafgård <hdafgard at> wrote:
> Hi Simone,
> The build should be runnable with a JDK8, this should be ensured by the "-XX:+IgnoreUnrecognizedVMOptions" flag to ignore the JDK9+ specific options.

But I don't execute "java ..." so that I can add command line options.

I execute "jmc" and that's it (and it picks a bunch of "java" command
line options from elsewhere).

So if JMC can't be run out of the box with JDK 8 that's ok - just need
to know it.
It's weird that it requires JDK 8 to build (and a very specific
vendor), but then when you try to run it from the same terminal you
just built it, it does not start.

However, at the end it's just some documentation problem and I got it running.


Simone Bordet
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