RFR: JMC-6211: Restore Defaults button doesn't revert username and password in Preferences

Elliott Baron ebaron at redhat.com
Tue Mar 5 00:29:51 UTC 2019


On 2019-02-27 5:56 p.m., Elliott Baron wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2019-01-29 6:07 p.m., Elliott Baron wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This patch fixes the JMX Console->Communication preference page to 
>> properly restore the username and password fields to their (blank) 
>> defaults when the user selects "Restore Defaults".
>> I added a UI test to ensure Restore Defaults works as expected for the 
>> Communication page as a whole. I created a new test class since there 
>> didn't seem to be an existing one that was a good fit. I had to add a 
>> getText method to MCDialog to get the text entered into the fields in 
>> the preference page. There are new x-friends directives for 
>> org.openjdk.jmc.rjmx.preferences and 
>> org.openjdk.jmc.console.ui.messages.internal to expose some constants 
>> used by the test.
>> The copyright header for the new test class may need some adjusting. 
>> Are we updating copyright year for source files, and should we name 
>> the author/author's employer in the copyright header for new source 
>> files originating outside of Oracle?
> Has there been any decision on the format of such copyright headers? For 
> example, here is what I am using for both this patch and one for JMC-5768:
>> --- /dev/null    2018-12-23 13:34:55.064999798 -0500
>> +++ 
>> new/application/tests/org.openjdk.jmc.flightrecorder.ext.jfx.test/src/test/java/org/openjdk/jmc/flightrecorder/ext/jfx/test/JfxPulseDurationRuleTest.java    
>> 2019-02-26 10:14:30.249352786 -0500
>> @@ -0,0 +1,98 @@
>> +/*
>> + * Copyright (c) 2018, 2019, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights 
>> reserved.
>> + * Copyright (c) 2019, Red Hat Inc. All rights reserved.

Marcus has informed me off-list that the above copyright header format 
is acceptable going forward.

I do still need a review for the content of this fix. Would someone be 
able to take a look?

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