JMC 5657 - Code Coverage

Carmine Vincenzo Russo carusso at
Tue Mar 26 13:01:53 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm currently investigating the possibility of using Jcov as Code Coverage
Tool for JMC [0].
First of all I wanted to give a try to use JCov and see how it works and
interacts with the existing project, but I'm having some difficulties on
integrating Jcov in Maven tests.
Second, I also wanted to understand how the code coverage has been done
until now, and what are the reasons to proceed to Jcov.
In the issue there is a reference about JaCoCo but seems like there is no
code coverage any more.

Therefore if anyone has ever used Jcov or integrated it in JMC I would much
appreciate any tip.
Also If you can give me some background on how the code coverage was done
and about the whole transition from JaCoCo to Jcov, it would be really

Have a nice day,



Carmine Vincenzo Russo

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