[PATCH] JMC-6252 Method profiling rules loading forever

Kangcheng Xu kxu at redhat.com
Tue May 28 20:02:37 UTC 2019


This patch fixes JMC-6252 Method Profiling rule appears to be taking
forever to evaluate in Ubuntu 18.04 [0]. (Please note this issue is
general and appears on all platforms.)

This patch addresses two problems found in the source code:
1. The order of JavaScript command execution to update HTML-based UI
could be stochastic if fired before DOM loaded. Commands executed as
ProgressListener callbacks could be out-of-order. The solution is to
store commands in a queue and execute in a FIFO fashion after DOM is
2. resultEventQueue.isEmpty() and resultEventQueue.add() together is
not an atomic operation and could be interrupted in rare cases, which
leads to resultEventQueue not being completely consumed.

Please see the attached patch. Any thoughts on this fix? Thanks very much!

Arvin Kangcheng Xu

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