JMH 1.10.4

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at
Fri Aug 14 19:31:18 UTC 2015


Summer is a dead season, but we can still push out a simple patch
release. JMH 1.10.4 is available, thanks to Evgeny Mandrikov, as usual.

Summary of changes:

 * Internal version test fixes, required for CompileHints to work
reliably. The patch was contributed by Nitsan Wakart:

 * perfnorm would have failed to produce results on perf 3.13. This
regressed at 1.10.3, and fixed:

 * perfnorm would have failed to run on perf 3.2, since it would try to
gather unsupported events. This regressed since 1.10, and fixed now:

 * New option to list benchmark with parameters (-lp). The patch was
contributed by Sergey Kuksenko:

 * New samples: BranchPrediction and CacheAccess. These samples describe
the pitfalls of believing the branches and memory are uniformly
performant. Ideas and initial implementations were contributed by
Michael Mirwaldt (with some polishing from yours truly):

 * New sample: PerInvokeSetup. This sample describes how to deal with a
(heavily recurrent) pattern of doing the pre- at Benchmark-invocation work:



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