Generation of list of benchmarks from IntelliJ IDEA

Evgeny Mandrikov mandrikov at
Mon Jan 12 21:27:35 UTC 2015

I tested following scenario:
a) close IDEA and remove project files
b) rebuild jmh for b99ec1daf32d (hg id -i) with "mvn clean install
c) update dependencies in pom.xml of my project for jmh-core
and jmh-generator-annprocess
d) open IDEA, import pom.xml , check dependencies and content
of BenchmarkGenerator from dependencies to be sure that correct version is
picked by IDEA
e) Run MyBenchmark.main() - works
f) Create another class in same package
g) Run MyBenchmark.main() - "no benchmarks"
h) Compile - works as it was before

I'll give a try for a project from archetype in attempt to find
differences, but a bit later.

On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 10:06 PM, Aleksey Shipilev <
aleksey.shipilev at> wrote:

> On 01/12/2015 11:23 PM, Evgeny Mandrikov wrote:
> > I've tried latest changeset, which includes your changes and
> > unfortunately face the same issue. So probably our testing scenarios are
> > different?
> Are you sure you have picked up the changes? You should be using the
> self-built JMH, set the dependency version for both jmh-core and
> jmh-generator-annprocess to 1.5-SNAPSHOT, *and* instruct IDEA to
> re-import the Maven project to pick up the new dependencies.
> I have just checked this scenario works:
>  a) Generate the benchmark from archetype.
>  b) Open the benchmark in IDEA.
>  c) Put the psvm main() in with JMH API invocation.
>  d) Run MyBenchmark.main(), works.
>  e) Create new class in, save.
>  f) Run MyBenchmark.main() again, the run fails with "no benchmarks".
>  g) Go to pom.xml and change jmh.version to 1.5-SNAPSHOT
>  h) Make IDEA to re-import the project.
>  i) Build->Rebuild Project
>  j) Run MyBenchmark.main(), works.
>  k) Add Other.m(), save.
>  l) Run MyBenchmark.main() again, works!
> Repeat steps (k)-(l) or similar, still works.
> Thanks,
> -Aleksey.

Best regards,
Evgeny Mandrikov aka Godin <>

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