JMH 1.13

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at
Sat Jul 23 11:47:49 UTC 2016


JMH 1.13 release is available at Maven Central (props to Evgeny
Mandrikov, as usual). It includes several intrusive internal changes
that bring interesting features and/or fix non-trivial bugs, but can
also bring potential regressions. Please give them a ride!

Summary of changes:

 *) -prof perfasm improvements: it now prints the compiler used to
compile the method, compilation level, method version:

 *) Output improvements. Inconsistency in labeling dynamically
discovered profilers was fixed -- prints class FQN name now, instead of
"<none>" label. Thread distribution for asymmetric benchmarks is now
printed out. JMH update interval is increased.

 *) Maven Archetype improvements: benchmark projects generated from
archetypes now default to source/target 1.8, have updated suggestions on
language-specific versions, have more docs about the properties, etc:

 *) Profiler infrastructure improvements: JMH now polls external
profilers for JVM options before each run, which enables profilers to
have e.g. separate output files for each fork.

 *) Benchmark generator improvements. JMH used to reject some valid
@State graphs. Also, frequently-used JMH infra classes (Blackhole,
*Params, Control) are not implicitly @State-s anymore, and treated
specially -- this frees JMH generators from generating unnecessary cruft
(e.g. subclasses) around them.

 *) Other minor improvements. Some internal data marshaling
improvements, fixing the leaks, etc.


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