JMH 1.15

Aleksey Shipilev shade at
Fri Sep 30 19:06:11 UTC 2016


JMH 1.15 is released and available at Maven Central (props to Evgeny
Mandrikov, our persistent releaser). This is an update which has a few
important bugfixes and usability improvements, we recommend to upgrade.

 *) @Group thread distribution is unstable between iterations. Which
means that two or more threads executing the asymmetric benchmark may
suddenly swap the methods they are executing, in-between iterations.
This would cause losing their Scope.Thread @State object references. Fixed:

 *) Failing @Setup method can be entered multiple times. This happens
before JMH used to treat the object as "done with setup" once @Setup
completes successfully. If it doesn't, then after one thread fails with
exception, another thread may enter @Setup again. The exception may look
different the second time around, because state object was partially
initialized, confusing the user. Fixed:

 *) @AuxCounters improvements. Note this is still a very much
experimental API. That said, it makes sense to improve it a little more:
now it handles more field/method types, has new counting mode "events"
that does not normalize to time, and does not require reset between
iterations. This API change is backwards-compatible. See the RFE:
...and new Javadoc:



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