jmx-dev RFR 8146015: JMXInterfaceBindingTest is failing intermittently for IPv6 addresses

Jaroslav Bachorik jaroslav.bachorik at
Wed Dec 23 10:26:07 UTC 2015

Please, review the following test change

Issue :

The test fails for IPv6 addresses since the RMI expects an IPv6 address 
to be properly wrapped in '[]'. In addition to that the logic for 
selecting IP addresses to bind is flawed - it does not check for IP 
addresses of multiple adapters but for multiple IP addresses assigned to 
'localhost'. In combination with IPv4 & IPv6 this will cause the test to 
attempt binding to IPv4 and IPv6 address of the same adapter 
simultaneously and the test will fail.

The fix adds the requested wrapping for IPv6 addresses and adjusts the 
IP selection logic to iterate over distinct adapters first and prevent 
IPv4 and IPv6 address of the same adapter being treated as two addresses 
(for the purposes of the test).



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