JOL 0.5

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at
Fri Apr 15 11:11:02 UTC 2016


JOL 0.5 is released and available at Maven Central (thanks to Evgeny
Mandrikov, as always!). This is a major release, and includes the
following changes:

 * Jigsaw compatibility. JOL now works with latest JDK 9 EA without
significant problems. Notably, this required us to refactor our
Instrumentation and HotSpot Serviceability Agent support, and do other
minor touchups:

 * Large arrays sizes were misrepresented (int overflows :/). Changing
sizes to longs all around JOL makes this an incompatible API change, and
users that depend on this library would have to adjust. Bug:

 * GraphLayout.parseInstance(arr1, arr2) mismatches second argument as
varargs array. We now do accept single-argument, or varargs-argument
parseInstance (this would require casting arrays to Objects explicitly
in some cases):

 * CLassLayout.parseClass(A).toPrintable(B) was "okay" with instance B
not being a compatible with class A, producing garbage output. Fixed:

 * JOL Samples updates. Make sure you read them and understand them
before interpreting JOL results!

As usual, a fully runnable JAR is available on Central:



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