Comment to "The State of the Module System"

Siegmar Alber siegmaralber at
Sun Oct 18 09:01:50 UTC 2015


I just read "The State of the Module System" ( and found an issue in the section "Implied readability":

"… The getParentLogger method is defined in the Logger class, …"

As far as I can see, d.getParentLogger() is not defined in the Logger class but returns an instance of the Logger class. I guess thats just a small inaccuracy.

While thinking about that an additional question came up for me: Is it already an error to call d.getParentLogger() or does the error just occur when trying to use the returned object as a Logger instance (i.e. calling the info method on it)? In other words: Is it possible to compile e.g. "Object logger = d.getParentLogger();"?

Thanks and kind regards,
Siegmar Alber

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