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>>>> I don't expect Java EE modules to map directly to Java SE modules, nor
>>>> do any of the Java EE spec leads with whom I've discussed this issue.
>>>> EE modules and SE modules are completely different kinds of things.
>>> On March 11 of this year (and other occasions) I specifically asked
>>> exactly that, and you said [1] "Of course we have that expectation --
>>> that's why the requirements include an entire section on dynamic
>>> configuration".  Did I misunderstand you then or now, or has something
>>> changed?
>> I don't think anything has changed.
>> I didn't mean for that statement to imply that I thought that every EE
>> module would map directly to an SE module, though I see how it can be
>> read that way.  Apologies for the confusion.
> OK, that's definitely a relief... but I do think we need to be very 
> clear about exactly what the expectations are in terms of EE 9 support 
> for modules, with the participation of that expert group, so that we 
> don't get blindsided if/when that spec is being prepared.  Is there some 
> way we can (reasonably quickly) come to a public agreement with the Java 
> EE 9 expert group on this topic?  I realize this is rapidly becoming a 
> tangent, so maybe this should be spun off into a separate discussion thread.

This is indeed a tangent, so I've started a new thread.

In an ideal universe we'd all be working on Java SE 9 and Java EE 9 at
the same time, and all these specifications would be perfectly in sync
and in mutual support of each other.

That is not, sadly, the universe in which we live.  The Java EE 9 EG
doesn't even exist yet, and so far as I know the EE 8 EG (rightly) has
no intent to adopt Java SE 9 features in that release, so there isn't
really an opportunity for a formal working relationship between two EGs.

I have reviewed the JPMS design with Bill Shannon and other Java EE spec
leads on a regular basis over the past few years, and taken account of
their feedback as appropriate, but realistically I think it will be a
while before they collectively have the bandwidth to think deeply about
how, and even the degree to which, EE 9 will incorporate SE 9 modules.

I'll touch base with Bill again and see if perhaps he and his fellow spec
leads would like to interact with this EG more formally.

Any EE spec lead (or anyone else, for that matter!) is, of course, always
welcome to send feedback directly to this EG via the jpms-spec-comments

- Mark

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