Advice + proposals regarding automodule naming

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Fri Feb 24 17:10:35 UTC 2017

2017/1/16 1:37:08 -0800, Robert Scholte <rfscholte at>:
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> Proposal 1: Leverage existing coordinates when available.
> Maven is inarguably the most popular build system for Java components,  
> with Maven Central being the default and largest repository of Java  
> components in the world. By default, every jar built by Maven  
> automatically gets a simple properties file inserted into it with its  
> unique coordinates. Now, not every jar in Central was built with Maven,  
> however 94% of them were, as we can find the file in  
> 1,806,023 of the 1,913,561 central components . Talk about the default  
> effect in action!

I've been wondering about a discrepancy between this figure and a
similar figure that I obtained from a set of Oracle-internal Maven
repositories, which by now include a reasonable sampling of what's in

My count shows that only about 80% of roughly 350,000 JAR files contain
at least one `` file.  (Some contain more than one, but
that's a different problem.)

I'm only counting regular JAR files, i.e., ignoring those with non-empty
classifiers such as `sources` and `javadoc`.  Could the discrepancy
between my count and yours be that you're counting all JAR files,
regardless of classifier?

Or is there some other possibility?  Maybe my sample is just skewed ...

- Mark

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